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BB Glow Therapy 

Effect of perfect BB cream on the face? It is possible to! The procedure is an absolute hit in Europe, and you can now find it at the Bellissimo clinic. BB Glow is suitable for all skin types, especially for erasing acne scars, lightening hyperpigmentation and shrinking pores, as well as for withered and uneven complexion. 

The innovative BB Glow therapy: 

~ Guarantees instant and gradual lightening and whitening effect. 

~ Neutralizes free radicals that cause premature skin aging. 

~ Reduces the content of melanin before and after exposure to UV rays. 

~ Restores an even complexion, the skin becomes beautiful and radiant. 

~ Reduces skin discoloration. 

~ Gives freshness, brightens the complexion and reduces visible wrinkles. 

~ Does not clog pores unlike regular foundations or BB creams 

The procedure is performed at the subcutaneous level, with the help of a derma foam, a meso cocktail is inserted. The feeling of the procedure itself is a type of vibration massage. Three procedures every two weeks are recommended for a visible result. The duration of the procedure is about 1 year, and the process is individual and depends on your skin and the cosmetics you use. 

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