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Removal of stretch marks

If you have been through pregnancy, a sudden change in weight or rapid growth during puberty, then you probably know the most common enemies of the skin – stretch marks. They can be found almost all over the body, and are usually found in the abdomen, buttocks and inner arms. At the Bellissimo Clinic we offer several alternatives to a quick and painless method for removing stretch marks. Aesthetic dermatology achieves very good results in the removal of stretch marks. With the help of modern technology can not only achieve the removal of stretch marks and improve the dermis. Stretch marks can be removed with a CO2 laser. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in dermatology. The results can be quick and impressive. With the new revolutionary technology – the so-called Fractional CO2 laser – is carried out “evaporation” of the surface epidermal layers and a specific thermal effect on the deep structures of the skin. Тhe shape of microscopic columns – microthermal zones. Each such area is surrounded by a healthy and laser-unaffected area. This procedure allows the skin to recover very quickly, even when treating larger surfaces. This activates the production of new healthy collagen fibers, which smooth the relief of the skin, improve and restore its structure, density and elasticity. The other method of removing stretch marks is through Dermapen. It works on the principle of multiple prickings with small needles, which microscopically perforate the skin and accelerate the healing processes in it. The procedure is not painful, as an analgesic cream is applied to the treated area. Removing stretch marks in this way also activates the blood supply and metabolism of the skin, which leads to its better appearance. This is a procedure with extremely good and long-lasting results.

Removal is also possible with PLEXR. It provides quick and easy removal of periumbilical stretch marks. It is a 100% digital microplasma device that transforms the tissues from the top layer of the skin from solid to gaseous. The procedure is safe and painless. Several interventions are needed to achieve the optimal and best effect. The doctor, during the consultation, assesses and informs you about how many of them you will need.

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Removal of stretch marks
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