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Nose correction ( Nose job ) 

The nose correction with dermal fillers is a fast and easy procedure. A lot of patients prefer this procedure because it does hide the risk of waking up and finding out that the result does not respond to their expectations. 

What can we correct with fillers? 

  • Light or middle defined hunch on the nose  
  • Saddle nose – a saddle of the nose back 
  • lifting the top of the nose  
  • A defect after nose traumas  

Before the procedure a doctor examines the defect and considers possible correction and results. An informed consent is signed. A local anesthesia is applied on the area. The filler is injected with using a thin needle. The effect is visible immediately and lasts several months ( 6 – 12 ) and even more depending on the product applied.  

After the procedure 

  • It is not recommended to apply a make up on the treated area at least an hour. 
  • Do not wear sunglasses at least one week after the procedure. 
  • Redness and swelling of the skin can occur of the treated area and will disappear in several days. If they last more than 3-4 days, please contact your doctor. 
  • If you feel bumps  in the treated area, its recommended a gentle massage in order to help the filler to settle down easier and faster 
  • Do not warm the treated area(s) while there are bruises and swelling. 
  • In the day of the procedure, avoid activities that can provoke redness on the face, warm baths, sauna, fitness, sport and alcohol. 
  • Avoid ultraviolet and sunlight, exposure to cold air and pressure in order not to provoke any migration of the filler in  first two weeks. 
  • Avoid sauna and steam bath two weeks after the procedure. 
  • You can put cold compress or ice over the treated areas for 15 minutes in every 2-3 hours, in order to reduce the discomfort, swelling and hematomas, if anu occur. 
  • Bruises disappear in 7 – 10 days after the procedure. 
  • If any swelling or hematomas occur, Arnica can be used locally or Peros. 
  • A check up in 2 – 4 weeks is recommended for the doctor to see the results and if any correction is necessary. 
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Nose correction ( Nose job ) 
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