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Laser Removal of pigmented spots  

Pigment spots are accumulations of melanin in the skin that lead to darkening in certain areas. 

The formation of pigmented spots is primarily due to increased levels of melanin – a natural pigment, thanks to which hair, eyes and skin have their natural color. Excess melanin can be affected by several factors: 

  • With age 
  • In the presence of hormonal imbalance in the body 
  • Due to injuries, inflammations or burns of the skin 
  • When acne scars appear 
  • During pregnancy 

One of the most successful treatments for treating  pigmented spots is laser removal. Specially developed light with a certain wavelength is absorbed only by cells containing excessive concentrations of the pigment melanin, transformed into heat and leads to the destruction of the pigment granules and lightening of the pigmentation. The laser light does not affect the surrounding tissues and does not disturb the natural skin tone. 

The procedure lasts from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the treated area. A cooling gel is applied to the skin and several successive pulses are performed on the predetermined areas. After the procedure, burning is felt, as after a long stay in the sun. It is recommended to use cooling gels with aloe vera or after sun cream. The darkening of the pigmented lesions will begin in the first minutes after the procedure, and the next day they will become darker. A few days later, a crust forms at the sites of pigmented lesions, and the scales fall off after 7-10 days. 

 After the procedure, sun exposure should be avoided and sunscreen should be used. It is recommended to do 1-3 sessions at intervals of 3-4 weeks. 

 Other methods for removing pigment spots: 

Laser Peeling 


Лазерно премахване на пигментни петна в клиника Bellissimo
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Laser Removal of pigmented spots  
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