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Facelift is a procedure to remove wrinkles and sagging skin from the face and neck. The end result is visible facial rejuvenation. With this type of facelift can be corrected many unaesthetic changes in the face and the consequences of age. By removing sagging skin from the face and restructuring the underlying facial tissue, the appearance of the contour of the lower jaw is improved, sagging in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds is reduced, the  wrinkles in the corner of the eyes are improved, horizontal neck wrinkles are smoothed. , the muscles in the lower part of the face are tightened. 

The first step before the intervention is to go through a consultation with our specialist, where you will have the opportunity to comment on the desired result and how achievable it is. The patient has the ability to ask  all the questions that interest him/her, as well as let the doctor know about any diseases. The patient will be informed about how the procedure is going, the recovery period, and receive instructions on what to do before and after the operation. 

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, although it can also be performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. The duration is about 3 hours. It begins with an incision in the hairy part of the temporal area above the ear. The incision descends in front of the ear, passing behind the cartilage called the tragus. Then it continues in front of the lower part of the ear, turns behind the ear fold to the middle of the ear and continues in the hairy part of the head. The incisions are fine and the scars on the front of the ear quickly fade. After the incisions are made, the skin is separated from the underlying connective, muscle and adipose tissue. This tissue is pulled up and to the side and the excess is cut out. Finally, the skin is stretched in the same direction, the excess part is also cut and sewn. After the procedure, a surgical bandage is put to protect the incisions. 

As a result of the facelift, the face looks younger, smoother and more attractive. The durability of the achieved effect is individual, up to several years and depends primarily on the condition of the skin. It is determined by its blood supply and elasticity, which decrease with age. In addition, smokers have thinner and weaker skin and the result usually lasts less time than non-smokers. To stabilize the result in smokers, it is recommended to stop smoking two weeks before and after the operation and use a face cream rich in oxygen. 

There is usually swelling and bruising after the operation. Cold compresses can help these symptoms go away faster. The bandage is worn for 4-5 days. During the first week, the head should be washed with antiseptic soap to prevent infection of the incisions. The scars should not be exposed to direct sunlight or when this happens, a sun cream with a high sun protection factor  should be applied in order not get pigmented. 



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