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Breast lift

Breast lift is a common procedure. It is complex in nature, as a complete correction of the breast is made – the nipple with the areola is moved, the whole breast is formed, acquires a rounded shape and a higher posture. The bust looks tighter and more attractive. It is suitable for women whose breasts are of sufficient volume but are sagging. This sagging (ptosis) can be due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, genetic factors or as a result of advancing age. Characteristic is the relaxation of the skin and loss of its elasticity, the upper pole of the breast empties, as the areola and the entire breast fall below the breast fold.

The breast lifting procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Duration 2 and a half hours. The number and size of incisions is determined by the degree of sagging. In most cases, a technique known as vertical mammoplasty is used, in which two incisions are made – one around the areola and one vertical, descending from the underside of the areola to the chest fold. In very rare cases, with a high degree of ptosis, a third horizontal incision is made just along the fold of the breast. An anchor-type incision is obtained, but as more scars remain, it is not among the favorites and is used only when necessary. During the operation, the nipple with the areola is lifted and moved to a predetermined location. If necessary, the areolas are reduced. The breast tissue is restructured and a new, firmer type of breast is formed. Excess skin is removed. The incisions are sutured and aspiration drains are placed.

The achieved result is long-lasting. Over the years, under the action of gravity, the breast tissue relaxes, but does not return to its position from before the operation. The degree of future sagging depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. For some time after the operation, the breasts will be swollen. Patients should wear a special elastic bra around the clock for the first two months. Moderate postoperative pain is possible, which is quickly responded to by ordinary painkillers. Most patients can return to work after a week, but it takes 2-3 weeks for the discomfort and feeling of tightness in the chest to disappear. After the operation, the possibility of breastfeeding is preserved.

Immediately after the intervention, lifting heavy objects and stretching for about a month after the operation should be avoided until the breast tissue recovers. During the first months, the scars should not be exposed to the sun or solarium, so as not to pigment.

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