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Acne scars removal 

With the new revolutionary technology – Removal of scars with fractional CO2 laser Deka SmartXide2 DOT RF evaporation of the surface epidermal layers is carried out through a specific thermal effect on the deep structures of the skin. During the procedure itself, the laser beam selects certain areas (microthermal zones). The skin around these areas remains unaffected by it.

This method allows the skin to recover very quickly, even when treating larger surfaces. The production of new, healthy collagen fibers is activated, smoothing the relief of the skin, improving and restoring its structure, elasticity and density. Prior to this procedure, an initial dermatological examination is mandatory, which determines the condition of the skin. 

Prior to the intervention, an analgesic cream is applied to minimize discomfort. Immediately after the procedure, redness and burning appear, which last for several days. The next day, brownish crusts form, which it is desirable to let fall alone, without our intervention. During this period, the use of cosmetics is avoided and it is recommended to clean the skin only with water and to use creams prescribed by a dermatologist. This is aimed at faster healing on the skin. Care after the intervention itself is very important. Immediately during the procedure, the doctor applies an antibiotic cream that should not be washed off for 24 hours to avoid infections. If the discomfort after the procedure does not go away after 2-3 hours, you can take a painkiller or apply a gel to relieve the symptoms. The day after the procedure, the face is washed with lukewarm water and washed with saline. It is recommended to apply an antibiotic – Baneocin and a soothing repairing cream. This protocol is followed until the crusts fall off. 

The skin should be protected with sunscreen – 50th factor. It is recommended the procedure to be performed during the autumn-winter season to avoid subsequent pigmentation. 

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Acne scars removal
Acne scars removalPRICE
Single scar removalfrom 60 lv.
Cheeks area600 lv
Whole face800 lv
Backfrom 1200 lv
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