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Removal capillaries of the leg 

Unwanted blood vessels, such as ruptured capillaries, capillary stars, dilated venous networks in the limbs, are an aesthetic problem for many people. The achievements in the field of laser technologies and the equipment we have at  Bellissimo Clinic solve this problem as efficiently, quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Laser removal of capillaries and superficial blood vessels, unlike traditional methods used so far, proceeds without complications and damage to the integrity of the skin. Dealing with this problem requires, in addition to performing procedures of  aesthetic nature and compliance with a certain motor regime, wearing compression stockings and in case of significant discomfort – consulting a specialist and further therapy. 

The most effective method for removing capillaries on the body is the laser treatment with Nd YAG laser with the latest model of laser system with a light length of 1064 nm. This laser successfully removes capillaries, ruptured micro blood vessels and hemangiomas on the body. The length of the laser light is 1064 nm and allows the treatment of deep capillaries. The unique latest generation laser allows you to choose the most appropriate wavelength and pulse duration, which minimizes the possibility of thermal damage and other side effects. In the laser treatment of unesthetic blood vessels with Nd: YAG laser, a light pulse is delivered, the energy of which is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood. It is transformed into heat, causing blood coagulation and a kind of “welding” of the walls of the unwanted blood vessel, which leads to its destruction. Blood flow is redirected to veins located deeper below the surface of the skin. 

The duration of the procedure depends on the number and density of the treated vessels. For stellate haemangiomas, the treatment takes seconds, but it takes longer to process multiple capillaries in the lower extremities. 

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Removal capillaries of the leg 
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