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Raising Eyebrows (temporal lift) 

With the temporal brown-lift the surgical lifting of the outer edge of the eyebrows is performed, the condition of the “Duck leg” / the wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes /, as well as the skin under the lower eyelid is improved. The face gets a fresher and more youthful look, thanks to the more open look. The procedure is suitable for young people, as well as for middle-aged people who are in good health. Very often the procedure is performed together with other facial corrections. 

When the procedure is performed alone, local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation are used. When there are other adjustments, anaesthesia is general. The duration is about an hour. The incisions are made in the hairy part of the head, 3-4 cm from the hairline, in the area of ​​the temples. The skin is then dissected, the underlying tissues are pulled up and to the side, and the incisions are sutured. A surgical dressing is applied. As a result of raising the eyebrows, the face looks younger and more attractive. The durability of the achieved effect is individual, from 1 to several years and depends primarily on the condition of the skin. It is determined by its blood supply and elasticity, which decrease with age. 

The procedure is not painful and  the recovery period is short. The sutures are removed on the 7th day. The bandages are worn for 4-5 days. Most patients return to work after a week. This period is enough for the moderate bleeding to disappear. During the first week, the head should be washed with antiseptic soap to prevent infection of the incisions. The scars should not be exposed to direct sunlight or when this happens, they should be smeared with a high sun protection factor so as not to get pigmented. 


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Raising Eyebrows (temporal lift) 
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