SmartXide2 DOT RF

Give Your Skin a New Youthful Glow

The CO2 laser is considered the most effective solution for combating wrinkles, aging and other skin imperfections. The exclusive synergy with a RF source represents a further evolution in skin resurfacing treatments.The DOT/RFTherapy restores tone and glow through the formation of a completely new skin layer as never before.

By employing DEKA’s technology, your physician can provide you with the perfect noninvasive solution for dermatology treatment, always performed in total safety with the benefit of minimal downtime and side effects.

Laser and Radiofrequency: The New Elixir of Life for your Skin


In the wake of the successful Madonna Lift treatment for wrinkles and imperfections of the face and around the eyes, DOT/RF Therapy now represents an important leap forward in the field of aesthetic medicine

The exclusive and innovative combination of CO2 laser with radiofrequency allows for unprecedented results and treatment comfort.

You can restore the skin’s youthful glow and appearance in a short time, while enjoying the benefits of an effective action against wrinkles, spots and scars in complete safety with minimal discomfort.

Stunning results are immediate in comparison of laser alone. The facial skin will get a renewed youthful appearance in no time without any of the downtime of plastic surgery.


DOT/RF Therapy exerts its effect on the skin that goes far beyond simple fractional resurfacing. The innovative synergy between the laser and RF allows for acting effectively and safely on various skin layers, and the overall results are achieved through:
• A deeper action in the skin
• An increased stimulation of the fibroblast activity for new collagen production
• A more pronounced tissue remodeling
• A minimal post-treatment downtime
• An increase comfort level before and after treatment.

The SmartXide2 system is indicated for:

• Rejuvenation (wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores);
• Skin Tightening;
• Scars;
• Skin Surgery (nevi, warts, keratoses, xanthelasma, etc.).


The exclusive Pulse Shape Design technology (PSDTM) enables the application of the DOT/RF Therapy to all skin types, even among patients with darker skin, and in most delicate areas such as the neck, throat and around the eyes.

The treatment can take from ten minutes to an hour for the entire face without the need of any anesthetic due to the absolute precision and method control. A very mild heat sensation can be felt, but only lasts for a fraction of a second.

The improvement is visible after the first treatment and post-treatment side effects are minimal, thereby allowing patients to return immediately to their daily activities.

DOT/RF Therapy is one of the SmartXide2 cutting-edge technology applications in the field of CO2 lasers designed and manufactured by DEKA.