Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is an appropriate solution for those who want to permanently restore the appearance of their eyebrows.

This technique is aimed at men and women of any age, who have limited or no growth of hair in the eyebrow area and want to deal with thinning as shapely eyebrows contribute positively to the symmetry of the face, giving a lively look and expressiveness of eyes.

So far, the temporary solution was a permanent tattoo or even eyeliner, but they did not achieve the desired results. Thus, hair transplantation gives the possibility of full and final hair restoration in the eyebrow area.

Planning and procedure for eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is a light and safe procedure that is performed with local anesthesia.

Initially, the chief transplant surgeon plans the zone where the thinning occurs, and the new hair follicles will be implanted based on the wishes and specific features of the person concerned. After determining the shape and dimensions of each eyebrow, as well as its thickness and density, the FUE technique is applied. During the intervention, individual hair follicles are transferred from the scalp to the eyebrows to restore thinning or total hair loss.

Eyebrow transplantation requires delicate manipulations, physician specialization, and placement precision so the results are consistent and aesthetically pleasing. In particular, extraction requires special master work due to the small diameter and weakness of the hair follicles. It is also difficult to implant because careful placement at a suitable angle, location and depth is necessary so that the direction of the hair becomes completely natural.

The main parameters for successful intervention are:

• Use of specially suited microtools due to the small area of the zone, to protect the skin from possible scars.
• Selection of appropriate hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp.
• Exact planning, different in each case, depending on gender and facial features.
• Placing of the hair follicles in a tilted angle so that the result does not differ from the natural look.

In general, the time required for the procedure varies from 3 to 5 hours when the subject has full contact with the medical team, can watch television or just relax. After surgery, they can immediately return home.

Eyebrow transplantation ends with one treatment, a second session being available if there is a desire for greater density or full eyebrow restoration.

Post-operative course

After the procedure is applied, a smooth course follows, which shows minimal discomfort with the possibility of a slight swelling. After a few days the symptoms disappear and the person concerned can return to their activities.


The results are permanent, absolutely natural and occur immediately after the grafting session, with the final result being felt after 3 to 6 months. Newly developed hairs gradually acquire the characteristics of existing hair.

Suitable for the following cases:

• Full recovery due to lack of eyebrow hair

• Partial recovery due to thinning or thinning of the hair on the eyebrows
• Covering of scars from accidents, burns, injuries
• Eyebrow thickening for aesthetic purposes, etc.


The cost of eyebrow transplantation is proportional to the needs of each individual case. It is shaped according to the number of hair follicles required and the size of the area to be restored.

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