Beard transplantation

A well-kept beard symbolizes masculinity, power and strength.

Many men suffer from a sparse beard and wish for more masculine facial features: A beard transplantation can "fill out" the beard, or even create an entire beard, which often leads to a massive boost in confidence.

As with hair transplantations, beard transplantations primarily use hair from the back of the head.

Beard transplantation are performed using local anesthetic and usually last several hours, there are no stitches or scars. In the first weeks after the beard transplantation, the skin may be red or feel dry; this is a natural side effect that will soon subside.
As early as 2-4 weeks later, the hair follicles will begin to grow, and there will be no visible signs that any procedure took place. After 2-3 months, beard growth will be normalized and the results are uniformly beautiful. The implanted facial hair can grow, be shaved and cared for normally. It is possible to combine facial hair transplantation with micropigmentation for an optically even fuller, more luxurious beard.

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