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Nose correction 

Rhinoplasty is one of the most desirable procedures in  plastic surgery. 

Everyone strives for a harmonious and well-shaped face, and a perfect nose is important for achieving this result. This procedure can correct the shape, size, opening of the nostrils, as well as the angle between the nose and upper lip. The correction is also applied to congenital defects, injuries and to improve breathing problems. The first step to change is to go through a consultation with a doctor. During the consultation, the doctor chooses which type of rhinoplasty will be best and most effective for the patient. They follow open and closed rhinoplasty. The patient is informed about all possibilities concerning the specific case. 

Open rhinoplasty begins with a small incision at the base of the columella, followed by internal ones in each of the nostrils, so as to allow the surgeon to complete  access to the skeleton of the nose. The incision in this type of operation is performed by ultrasound. Thus, the bone structures are finely and precisely modified with micro vibrations.In case of a closed rhinoplasty the plastic surgeon makes two small incisions in each nostril to reach the skeleton and bone. Depending on the individual structure of the nose and the required volume of correction, sutures can be used to bend or straighten the alarm cartilage so as to create a narrower tip or change its position. At the surgeon’s discretion, he can remove the hump of the nose by removing parts of cartilage and bone. After the cartilage and bone have been removed, a gap between the nasal bones, known as an ‘open roof’, may remain in the nose. It closes when the surgeon smooths the edges and changes the position of the nasal bones, gathering them back in the center. After the operation, the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures, nasal swabs and thermoplastic splints are placed to support rapid and proper healing.  

To avoid complications,  physical activity  in the following days is recommended to be minimized. Initial recovery is accompanied by edema, bruising, headache and discomfort that can be controlled  through medication and the application of cold compresses. Complete recovery lasts several weeks, during which the swelling disappears and the contours of the nose become more precise. Avoid sun exposure. Protect your nose from accidental injuries for at least a few months after the intervention. 

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