Естетична медицина д-р Джак и д-р Касини

Aesthetic Medicine Congress AMWC 2019 in Monte Carlo – Monaco

Dr Jack and Dr Kassini were part of the world’s largest Aesthetic Medicine Congress AMWC 2019 in Monte Carlo – Monaco. This event presented the latest […]


Dr. Jack Antoniou and Dr. Kassini were part of the TRAINING OF TRAINERS at the Pluryal Academy in Paris with some of the most famous trainers […]

Choose your favourite hairstyle!!!
We take of everything.

– VIP transfer
– 3 nights in a luxury hotel
– PRP therapy
– Medications

• Day 1 – Arrive to Sofia. Our driver will pick you up from the airport. He has to take you to the hotel. You have the rest of the day to enjoy Sofia. Our drivers check flight information and will wait for you at the airport. The driver is always on time.

• Day 2 – Our agent will pick you up from the luxurious hotel next to our clinic. We perform FUE hair transplantation under local anaesthesia using robotic technology. The agent will take you back to the hotel after the operation.

The patients should rest until the following morning after surgery. You can return to your home immediately after the surgery if you wish so.

• Day 3 – The agent will pick you up from the hotel for a follow-up consultation. You will have your follow-up consultation with our doctors. You may choose to fly home after the follow-up consultation or you may choose to remain in Sofia and spend a few days sightseeing.

• After Three Days: After just 3 days, you should be able to wash your hair at home. You can return to work or your daily activities in 3-4 days.

• One week later, there will not be any sign that you had a hair transplantation.

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