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Medical facial cleansing 

Cleansing procedures with a medical beautician take care of removing dirt, excess sebum and makeup residues, exfoliation (removal of “dead” cells from the surface of the epidermis), as well as cleaning clogged pores and formed comedones (blackheads) and milia ( mini cysts, mostly around the eyes). A large percentage of facial skin problems, including acne and enlarged pores, are the result of untreated or improperly cleansed skin. 

It is recommended for the face  to be cleansed by a specialist every month. In the summer, this can happen even twice a month, because during that season the viscosity of the sebum changes, which gives the feeling of oily skin. Professional facial cleansing is a mandatory procedure before proceeding to various rejuvenating therapies and  procedures. 


The pH formula is “controlled chemical restructuring of the skin”. This is NOT a chemical peel. Peels can cause aggressive peeling and exfoliation of the skin, while controlled chemical restructuring causes an enhanced form of cell regeneration in different layers of the skin, thus minimizing superficial trauma. The keyword is ‘controlled’. Whereas before patients were afraid only at the mention of “chemical peeling” and the idea of ​​having acid on the face, now, thanks to the pH formula, this fear does not exist. The products of the pH formula self-neutralize, are not removed from the skin and it is not detected how long they stay on it. 

What kind of skin problems can we treat? 

There are 4 therapies, but countless possibilities for combinations between them. These are: 

A.C.N.E – the active ingredients here penetrate effectively through the pores, have a strong anti-inflammatory and keratolytic effect and normalize the skin with acne. It acts against the 4 causes of acne – seborrhea, microbial colonization and inflammation. 

M.E.L.A – a strong formula based on glue, which helps to penetrate the ingredients faster. Significant improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmented spots is achieved in all skin types. 

A.G.E – here the solutions of pH formula are specially formulated with powerful anti-aging capacity in the direction of reducing the scars of aging skin – photodamage, light pigmentation, lack of shine, fine wrinkles. 

C.R. chronic redness & Rosacea treatment – active complex for complete recovery of chronically reddened skin. Antimicrobial activity reduces redness and suppresses its recurrence. 

Forlle’d non-invasive biofiller facial procedure 

The products used for therapies with Forlle’d contain innovative low molecular weight ingredients and combinations of them, helping to rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level without injection. The complex of low molecular weight ingredients and important ionized minerals activates the natural process of skin regeneration, restores its structure, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduces oxidative stress and provides constant antioxidant protection. 

The unique care for dehydrated skin of any type provides excellent contouring of the face and correction of facial wrinkles. 

Applied once, the procedure can be used as a “completion”, providing an instant lifting effect. The course of procedures prolongs the effect of injection therapies, and is also used to restore the skin after cosmetic surgery and chemical peels. 

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Medical facial cleansing
Medical facial cleansingPRICE
Medical facial cleansing100 lv.
Hydrafacial100 lv.
Hydrafacial + Oxygen Therapy130 lv.
Royal Facial Spa Therapy150 lv.
Anti-age Therapy + RF150 lv.
Diamond Dermabrasion + Oxygen120 lv.
Oxygen + Vitamin C80 lv.
Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Therapy120 lv.
Esthederm Intensive Spiruline Therapy120 lv.
Esthederm Excellage Therapy150 lv.
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