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Laser removal of permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation and tattoos 

The main medical applications of the Q-switched laser are the removal of natural pigmentations, such as: lentigo, sun and age spots, removal of tattoos, permanent makeup, micropigmentation and others. Provides safe and effective removal without bleeding and formation of wounds or scars. There is no need for injectable analgesia. Q-Switched is also the only laser that removes totally pigmentation and solar stains . In the process of erasing tattoos, the goal is to destroy the ink with which they are made.  

Q-switch Nd: Yag: 532 nm 

This laser creates green light with high absorption of red, orange, purple and weaker than yellow pigments. This wavelength is also characterized by high absorption of melanin, so it is suitable for removing pigmentation and solar spots. 

Q-switch Sun: Yag: 1064 nm 

This laser creates light close to infrared and is absorbed by all dark pigments of the ink. Therefore, it is suitable for removing black, brown, gray, dark blue colors. This wavelength is poorly absorbed by melanin and therefore this laser is suitable for people with darker skin. 

The combination of these 2 wavelengths in Q-switch mode allows the removal of different colored pigments. 

More than one procedure is often needed to complete removal of the pigmentation. It all depends on: 

  •   The type of pigment (organic or inorganic). 
  • “How deep it is.” 
  •  The color of the pigment. 

The treatment area is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream. During the procedure, a very slight burning sensation is felt, which is well tolerated. Immediately after laser treatment, the area turns white, after a few minutes this whitening disappears. Then ice is applied. 

During the healing process, crusts are formed, which make the treated area darker, but after the crusts fall off, it is seen that there is lightening of the treated area. The next procedure can be done after 3 weeks. Epithelial topical agents and sunscreens should be used during the recovery period. 


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Laser removal of permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation and tattoos 
Laser removal of permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation and tattoos  PRICE
permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation 120 lv.
   tattoo from 20 lv per cm2
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