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Front lift 

The front lift, also called forehead, is a procedure for removing wrinkles on the forehead, smoothing the vertical lines between the eyebrows and raising the eyebrows themselves, thus removing the “angry” facial expression. 

The first step is to go for a consultation. During the examination, a photo of the face of the patient will be taken, reflecting  current condition. The surgeon will decide if this procedure is the post appropriate . It will assess the condition of the skin, bone structure, the depth of wrinkles. It will be shown where the incisions will be made.  The result the patient wants will be discussed and to what extent it can be achieved. The patient will be informed about the recovery period and about the possible risks and complications related to the upcoming procedure. And will receive instructions on what to do before the operation and what tests will be necessary. 

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia, although it can be done under local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation, and the duration is about an hour and a half. A long, arcuate incision is made in the hairy part of the head, above the forehead. The skin of the forehead is stretched, the excess part of it is cut out. Part of the muscles is also removed. The incision is sutured and covered with a surgical dressing. As a result of raising the eyebrows and smoothing wrinkles from the forehead, the face looks younger and fresher. The durability of the achieved effect is individual, up to several years and depends primarily on the condition of the skin. It is determined by its blood supply and elasticity, which decrease with age. In addition, smokers have thinner and weaker skin and the result usually lasts less time than non-smokers. To stabilize the result in smokers, it is recommended to stop smoking two weeks before and after the operation and use a face cream rich in oxygen. 

During the first week, the head should be washed with antiseptic soap to prevent infection of the incisions. The scars should not be exposed to direct sunlight or when this happens, they should be smeared with a high sun protection factor so as not to pigment. 



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