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Buttock lifting is a procedure that is performed when the skin sags and relaxes in the buttocks. Excess tissue and fat are removed as the buttocks acquire a tight and shaped appearance. The operation is suitable for both women and men, although 90% of patients are women. This is due not only to the fact that women want every part of their body to look great and keep their appearance. There is also a biological predisposition. Usually sagging of the buttocks is a consequence of severe weight loss, when part of the skin can not be retracted and remains hanging. This problem occurs in women who have given birth, who have gained a lot of extra weight during pregnancy and then lost weight to their normal state (but the skin has not returned), and also in older women who have sagging. due to age changes, loss of skin elasticity and weaker muscle tone. 

Before the intervention the patient should go through a consultation with a doctor, with whom you will have the opportunity to comment on the desired result and how achievable it is. The surgeon will assess the degree of relaxation, the condition of your skin, whether there is excess fat, and muscle tone. It will be shown where the incisions will be made and the operative technique will be explained . The patient will be informed about the recovery period and about the possible risks and complications related to the upcoming procedure. The patient will receive instructions on what to do before the operation and what tests  would be necessary. 

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Duration – 2 hours. There are various techniques for lifting the seat. Most often the procedure is performed by making a long semi-horizontal incision, starting from one pelvis and reaching the other. In its middle part, the incision reaches the fold between the two glutes. Excess adipose tissue is removed, the tissues are restructured to give volume to the buttocks, the skin is stretched upwards and the excess part is cut out. The incision is sutured and covered with a surgical dressing. Aspiration drains are installed. 

The result is a well-shaped, raised ass. The effect can be observed for years. Swelling can occur up to a month after surgery, although it is most common in the first week or two. Ordinary painkillers help reduce pain. It takes about a month for the discomfort to completely disappear, during which time it is recommended to wear special postoperative elastic underwear. Once the sutures are removed, the patient can return to work. Exercise can be done a month, a month and a half after surgery. 

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